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5 most attractive trekking places in Japan

   Japan is one of the world’s most ideal place for trekking activities , you can walk on the Japanese Alps and huge mountains covered with snow in Hokkaido , climb volcanoes in Kyushu , or go a walk on the hills around Kyoto . At this point , you do not need to worry that you are alone , because the Japanese are the ones who love hiking activities .

1 . Daisetsuzan National Park ( Hokkaido )
Daisetsuzan means ” giant snow mountain ” , this is a very long-standing mountain in Hokkaido . When the snow melts in the mountains , it is very appropriate time for activities is hiking . Daisetsuzan National Park is the largest national park covers an area of ​​Japan more than 2,300 square kilometers . These are large tracts of land as there are many beautiful scenes of towering mountains , volcano is still active , the hot spring and the jungle . Daisetsuzan National Park is where the people in Tokyo and Osaka come to rest after the work of their daily stress . It was almost a lot of impact by human hands , as most visitors come here to relax in hot springs village on the outer edge . After enjoying the comfort of the hot springs , you can explore the inner landscape of the park , the mountain and hiking through the valley on the challenging route .

2 . Kamikochi ( Nagano – ken )
Kamikochi the mountain sanctuary in the heart of the Japanese Alps , where the landscape has been considered the best and most spectacular in Japan , especially the trails are beautiful and suitable for operation hiking . At the end of the 19th century , this area is mountainous foreign explorers who discovered and gave it the name ‘ Japanese Alps ‘ . Reverend Walter Weston , a British missionary who helped give rock climbing a sport become popular in Japan . He was honored at a festival is held on the first Sunday in June, which is the official opening day of hiking season , and Kamikochi has become a popular location for activities go hiking and climbing .

3. Mount Fuji (Shizuoka-ken)
If you came to Japan in July or August day, then the discovery of Fuji mountain is an experience that you should not ignore. At the height of 3776m Mount Fuji is the highest mountain and the most famous of Japan and the location where you can see the entire landscape of the region. In addition to climbing Mount Fuji, visitors can tour the sacred volcano Fuji lakeside. In winter and spring is the time that scene at Mount Fuji is the best in years.


4. Yakushima (Kagoshima-ken)
This island is located in the southern Kyushu region where ancient Jomon Sugi tree forests and a mountain is extremely suitable for hiking activities. Recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993, Yakushima is one of the most beautiful islands in the southwestern archipelago. The steep cliff on the island is home to a lot of ancient cedar trees, the scenery here has created inspiration for director Hayao Miyazaki perform classic animated film Princess Mononoke.

Hiking on the high peaks and in the mossy forest is famous activities in Yakushima , but the island also has several hot springs motels are excellent and quite beautiful coastal sands . Yakushima is one of the wettest places in Japan , In winter , the mountain can be covered by snow while the coast is still relatively cool . Of course to explore this area , you can not not have a map and the proper equipment for them.

5 . Aso – san ( Kumamoto – ken )
Less active volcano in Kyushu this is where the route to go hiking , it’s wonderful . It is formed by a series of explosions within the past 300,000 years , outside the crater today is approximately 90,000 years old , the best way to explore this area is to use a car , there are many areas great scenery , varied landscapes and quiet the mind .

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