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Vietnam- Hanoi to Saigon by Bicycle

Vietnam Cycle  – Hanoi to Saigon by Bicycle

In November of 2012 set off to ride my bicycle from Hanoi to HCMC Vietnam. The trip was a total of 2200 Kilometers (1271 miles). It took me 26 days of riding with one rest day stop in Hue. I rode on my own and carried my gear. I stayed in small hotels and guest houses along the way and did not carry any camping gear.

I rode mostly along the HCMC Highway and avoided Highway 1 except along a few stretches Traffic along the ride was for the most part light.

The ride was relatively flat in the North for the first 800k. I averaged around 80k of riding each day with the longest day 130k and the shortest day 60k.

In the center of the country after Hue the ride got harder as I hit the mountains. Day 12 was a hard day with the start of the climbs. Day 13 was the hardest day of the tour with two long climbs through mostly isolated jungle and a long day of riding at over 100k. Day 16 was the second hardest day. Day 23 was another hard day with 30k of climbing over two long climbs to start the day.

Overall was a hard but good ride. Beautiful country, friendly people inexpensive and comfortable hotels and challenging riding. Go for it! vietnam cycle tours online

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