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The ideal trekking spot in the United States

   Robert Earle Howells is a veteran and is also a writer , he made many trips through national parks across the U.S. and selected the park has the most amazing backdrop for trekking .
Wind Cave National Park , South Dakota

Những điểm trekking lý tưởng nhất nước Mỹ 1
Wind Cave is a large subterranean cave more than 28,000 acres , including complex network of caves in the world . The park trails will lead you through the ponderosa pine forest , trails full of flowers in two small aisles , looming somewhere deer and deer are gentle .

Great Smoky Mountains National Park , Tennessee

Những điểm trekking lý tưởng nhất nước Mỹ 2
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in the Appalachian Mountains , this is the most ideal areas for you to explore transition habitat and have the best views of the area . Trekking in the Great Smoky , you will be going through the spruce woods , myrrh and pass cliffs with steel cables . You will also go through Alum Cave , which was once a source of saltpeter for the Southern army .

Mount Rainier National Park , Washington

Những điểm trekking lý tưởng nhất nước Mỹ 3

   A ten- day trekking tour (minimum ) around Mount Rainier National Park will take you to explore ecosystems and life in this national park . It possesses all the wonders of majestic mountains , glaciers , high hills with brilliant wildflowers . Inside the park there are 18 trails for visitors to explore .

Acadia National Park , Maine

Những điểm trekking lý tưởng nhất nước Mỹ 4

   One of the charms of the Acadian forest ranges spruce , pine endlessly over rugged mountains , steep cliffs and the “traces ” that man has improved to be able to explore this area . Your reward for passing a long way and reach the coast of Mount Desert Island is a great scene Tuyé , extends to vast .

Bryce Canyon National Park , Utah

Những điểm trekking lý tưởng nhất nước Mỹ 5

   The unique geological formations caused Bryce Canyon National Park became a popular place , possesses a strange beauty and enchanting the visitors four . To fully enjoy this beauty , you can make a long day trekking tour along this area to explore the scenery shimmer shine up the nuances of stone looks like .

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