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Trekking Cat Ba

Through the forest to Cat Ba National in Vietnam Hai fishing village, famous tourist spots of Hai Phong, this is an ideal conduit for trekking vietnam, especially foreign tourists, by the attraction of the trip, time moderately easy to organize, not high cost.

Journey through the jungle though not too long – about 8km – but most visitors choose to Vietnam Customs by sea , if there is only a short trekking . We shared drinks and snacks on the trail in forest gate . The heavy furniture such as side camps were delivered to the son .

The first 100m is often the most difficult road for those who have most of their time in the office sitting week . Moreover trails ascending in elevation on the stone steps are arranged for easy aisle recognize the dense forest . Take on the trail , carpet wet items under heel . Two side slopes are dense woody forests , trees down blocking the walkway , then drop down another tree roots or beautiful beam forming gates on the road .

Sometimes we stop to observe and photograph a number of creatures , mostly insects such as beetles or spiders stick . In the stillness of the forest can only gasp and laugh crunch of the group said . The air was clear , the sun was high above , sealed outer canopy leaves .

After nearly three hours away in the forest , we came Frog Pond Forest is about 4km from the door and from here to Vietnam Hai fishing village about 4km . Frog Pond is a flooded forest area only on high mountain in the north , where water never runs , even in the rainy season also flooded the aisles . Frog Pond area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 3 ha with plant species is strictly protected and water plants grow in a very nice complex and mysterious . Frog Pond is the habitat of rats , porcupines , mountain tortoises , snakes , frogs , imitation crab , fish …

We base lunch on the banks of the Frog Pond with spicy bread famous Hai Phong . Some local youth also stop base , each carrying a sack containing vibrating hammer effect that they can say or do drugs sour soup .

Clips come from Vietnamese customs Frog Pond trail around the limestone cliffs are still hidden under the closed forest canopy characteristics , the type of cross vines on the ground . The story was explosive as fireworks that although both groups have begun tired because there is no water to drink . Earlier, a team nicknamed you ” line shift Dust ” half jokingly saying, ” Keep going , we still have two bottles of water .”

Most drinks were brought out on the road with bags of fruit . Was pretty tired halfway through leaving them to drink too much water and pay slightly less for the food !

However as we go more and more surprised by the steep cliffs , the steep narrow slit , sometimes clinging to tree roots and rocks to swing the up – down . Have you even been wild bees attacked . And mysterious wilderness of forests as well as the loss marks the path that we realized he had lost his way … ! Those boys continued exploration paths must be returned and the group decided to return to the fork was earlier tentatively selected direction .

Looking back on the Vietnam Customs path , we automatically divided into two groups by a team led by photographing the slow ham should lag behind . Too soft , everyone walked and wished the moment anyone selling a few expensive bottles of cold beer and buy ! Incidentally, at a base site , a team member after they spotted a 300ml water bottle about half placed on the trunk road.

They all are very quick analysis : this is exactly one of the two bottles was ” Dust line shift ” when referring to earlier – a precious gift to the group ahead of us . Each person is only a country but also support soft cap completely. Joy teammate has inspired us to continue the journey .

Go approximately 1km further , we found a water bottle and a half just to be put on an empty lot between the newspaper . There is a shared bottle of friends is very timely . These cover the circulating water . Group after group go before catching up in a big lawn has grown so much orange and grapefruit . The grapefruit while young but also help fight hunger .

Signs of villages were very close . In front of a trail through tall green grass inundated , across the path of the stream becomes immense . After several hours of cross- Cat Ba National Forest , we went to Vietnam Customs .

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