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Trekking in Pu Luong paths

   Trekking in Pu Luong paths


The best time to go vietnam trekking in Pu Luong is ripe rice season , in May and October . Terraces and rice are features and attractive place here . Two full weekends to help discover the beauty of the mountains west of this border from Hanoi , you can start a car or on a motorcycle on Friday afternoon per week up to Mai Chau and overnight in the village of birth behavior is well known in the tourism industry as you shake , the Compoong . Early the next day the car continued to move towards the Co Luong – wrong fork – Red Village . From here , the road meets Highway 15C separated from 15 am running along river crossing area code to Pu Luong Nature Conservation . During the sunny days , cars and motorcycles can cross streams and rocks scattered on the road running wild , thick weeds chen . 15C road about 50km long , bad background should be able to run out in about 4-5 hours with an average speed of 10 – 15km / h depending on the terrain . Maybe start trekking trip from the Duom , sales, or fork Eo Ken Pa Kha , Warehouse to the Muong to lie deeper in the high mountains .

The village leaning against the mountain , based on the green grass hill and looked down at the carpet velvety rice valley at the foot of the house . In the rainy day , your journey will be difficult due to 15C road and the dirt road became very bad . Water rippling streams , slippery rocky road paving , land with grass and crawled out after the rain becomes dangerous traps .
Steep slopes , many car seats were clearing the road bed that was extremely difficult , the tricky live buffalo , water flowing down from the mountains on wet chase . The supply route for trekking including segments Kho Muong – Union City is providing the most beautiful , about 10km long , winding trails along the ridge , spectacular views and wild , sometimes it has several streams cut horizontal lines . Morning , dew on the fly la momentum valleys , peaks equivocal sun , cold wind will slip through the canopy .

If the right version of Pho Doan ( meeting on Thursday and Sunday ) will meet Thai , Muong fair go east as questions loom , chen dresses to hats , crowded trade . Trekking is a form of travel by walking in the countryside , in the regular forest or mountains to explore nature as well as the lives of indigenous people in the places where tourists go through .

   A supply route other people go trekking or word of mouth is the Union Street to the Program , the Hin , print Lung Cao commune . This supply line low , flat and can run the motor if desired . The public also has a few motels ecological serve . Flowers blooming along the porch , along the fence , filled the aisles , tension filled life . Locals mostly Thai , very friendly and hospitable .
Night sleeping curled up in a warm blanket the floor, the fire burning pink olive Riu , early morning looking through a window and see the watery clouds swooping down from the mountain , below the dew -soaked grass flap , Ethyl injecting known forest birds in the early morning quiet . Those are great moments of relaxation .
Since you anymore if you have more time , people will continue to go trekking over to the Cao Hoong deep and the kit, are two of the most beautiful in Pu Luong with protruding roof floor located on the mountainside , and the areca palm , between mountains and pristine wild .
From Kho Muong also route to the loss of two half -hour walk . There was also an interesting option from Union Street is about 8km to go trekking to the Eo Dieu Co Lung commune . Eo Dieu Street went into a steep , rocky heaving , flows through the forest . The thin bamboo bridge that spans the funeral pall unsteady flow , especially along streams much longer after water is very peaceful and calming .
The mountain is very high , if you go in late fall will see a lot of red poinsettia flowers . In Pu Luong , whether under any provision trekking path to the image is always impressive array of brightly colored fields , in the middle of the red dirt roads snaking lines . Rice with stone inserts on undulating slopes , the inserts with areca palm .

   Pu Luong is an exciting destination of trekking or even offroad in the northern mountains, where wild conspicuous beauty of nature, and a quiet life on the western frontier. And that is why many people have come and still want to return to this land.

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