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Trekking Yen Tu

Trekking Yen Tu

         Yen Tu Mountain is a high mountain in the East Mountains in northeastern North Vietnam. Mountains on the border between the two provinces of Bac Giang and Quang Ninh . Yen Tu Mountain is a high mountain range located in northeastern Vietnam with the system and the rich flora and fauna diversity has been recognized as a state nature reserve .

        The total length of roads to the top of Yen Tu ( Dong Pagoda ) is approximately 6000m with 6 hours of continuous walking through thousands of stone steps, around mountain road … Yen Tu mountain areas are also monuments and important scenic nature reserve west Yen ( Bac Giang ) and the historical zone in Dong Trieu Tran ( Quang Ninh ). System relics and scenic spots were grouped into populations Yen heritage to UNESCO proposed world heritage site


      Journey visit Yen Tu Oan stream starting with a green stone bridge connecting the two banks of the stream. 10 m long bridge , there is not picky but architecture exudes ancient beauty , solidity .

         Next to Hoa Yen Pagoda ( other names : The Pagoda, Phu Van Pagoda, Van Yen pagoda ) is located at an altitude of 543 m with ancient pine trees are grown from the legend of King Tran Nhan Tong Yen Tu to practice on . Elevation of 700 m above the temple ‘s essay clouds lurking in the mountains . After this point is the same temple , is located atop the 1,068 m high Yen . Temple was started up in the Later Le dynasty called Thien Truc self . In early 2007, not entirely new cast pure copper ( 3 m high, 12 square meters wide, weighs 60 tons ) was put on top of Yen Tu .

         Standing at a height of 1068 m on the mountain top overlooks the vast Northeast flickers with small islands in Ha Long Bay as a painting, far more than the Bach Dang River .

         Tay Yen Tu is probably the place that people go to the backpacker with long journey, with about 20 km mountain road to reach Van and Crouching Am Pagoda, Ho Thien . To make the trip, you need to have a physical good, thorough preparation and a bit to learn about cultural spiritual journey to feel most deeply .

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