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About Vietnam Trekking

Established in 2012 by Joe Nguyen, for over 20 years Vietnam Biking Tours has continued to maintain high standards of professionalism and quality service catering to needs of the discerning trekking traveler in Vietnam.

Logistical support, guiding services and government liaison is  Vietnam Trekking’s specialty.  Professional and highly trained field staff assure customized services for mountaineering teams, documentary filming teams, advanced climbers, trekkers, beginners in search of new challenges, or someone wanting to explore the rich cultures and traditions of the region.

Our certified guides and field staff have trained the hard way – working in the remotest corners of the north Vietnam and climbing some of the highest mountains in the Vietnam. They are personally committed to preserving the mountain environment and cultures, and to provide personalized, quality service.

Vietnam Trekking is also deeply committed to the conservation of our mountain environment and communities. We have initiated and support many local projects to raise awareness about the environmental protection, build climate change resilience and to clean the mountain trails. Most notable of Vietnam Trekking’s achievements is the fact that acclaimed have cleaned up more than 14,250 Kgs of garbage .

Joe Nguyen as managing director of  Vietnam Trekking, oversees the daily operations of Vietnam Trekking in Vietnam.

Three decades of experience have led us to a thorough understanding of all the factors that go into making a memorable and rewarding journey for you.